Idhammar’s CMMS & OEE Systems in action in the food industry

2 Sisters Food Group

With continued growth since 1993, the 2 Sisters Food Group has become the third largest food company in the UK. Such a large corporation has to ensure maximum procedural efficiency and Idhammar’s OEE System has enabled low wastage and improved equipment downtime – resulting in high performance.

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Premier Foods

Premier Foods is the UK’s largest food producer with 36 UK and Ireland sites, around 15 thousand employees, and a £2.7 billion turnover. An estimated 47.2 million consumers have eaten at least one such product within the last fortnight. It’s no wonder then that Premier Foods has people with cohesive vision and a big agenda leading the organisation. Using the Idhammar OEE System, Premier Foods has been able to quantify Capacity Release, Labour Productivity, Waste Reduction, Energy Savings and a Lower Cost Per Unit.

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Aunt Bessie’s

Aunt Bessie’s Continuous Improvement strategy called for a single change agenda which was established as a core business process across all management levels. To underpin the programme, Aunt Bessie’s decided to measure and use Overall Equipment Effectiveness as the vehicle to identify losses and drive improvements. The Idhammar OEE System was chosen and installed across the Hull operational sites for Aunt Bessie’s in-house manufacturing.

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logo-british-bakeriesBritish Bakeries

Producing the nation’s daily bread to the tune of over 2 million loaves a day, British Bakeries (previously RHM) is a precision operation, requiring efficient production and a skilled, professional workforce. These assets are supported by the use of a group-wide OEE system from Idhammar that delivers timely, reliable and accurate performance information that drives the bakeries’ continuous improvement programme, resulting in a 15% increase in productivity and savings of millions of pounds in a 5 year period.

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The Swedish division of Findus’ annual pea harvest comes from 6,500 hectares of pea fields, equating to 26,000 tonnes of peas that will be frozen, packaged and distributed all over Europe.  And the peas are not the only entity on the move, as Findus engineers benefit from the Idhammar Mobile Maintenance module, which provides wireless access to the Idhammar CMMS, helping the mobile workforce improve working time effectiveness. Using hardware from Denso, engineers are also improving their stock operations by reducing administration time and removing paperwork from the shopfloor.


Lyons Seafood

The popular seafood company Lyon’s Seafood, previously a CTEK 2000 customer, enjoyed a smooth migration to the Idhammar CMMS. The system is used to improve processing operations and compliance control at its Warminster site and facilitates reporting on the company’s maintenance operation. 


Unilever has been supported by Idhammar Systems’ for over 20 years, in their use of the API PRO system, and capitalise on the time and money saving functionality offered within the latest version of the CMMS.  All upgrade projects are managed by Idhammar Systems ensuring the benefits are accelerated to the five sites in the UK, and that the maintenance teams at the site are well supported with technical assistance from the experts on the Idhammar Helpdesk.