Condition Monitoring


Condition Tracking

The Idhammar CMMS Condition Tracking module is an easy to use, single-point solution that supports both Maintenance Engineers in conducting regular condition monitoring, and Calibration Specialists requiring a robust audit of asset condition checks. Regular condition monitoring checks enable Plant Engineers to detect faults and gain an early warning of impending problems before they can have a serious impact on production, avoiding unscheduled outages.


Single Repository for Calibration Data

This easy to use module provides real-time monitoring data, an integrated data repository of user-defined measurements including oil analysis, drive belt tension, operating temperature, and a robust record of all asset calibration checks. The Idhammar CMMS Condition Tracker can be used standalone, or fully integrated with your CMMS.



Legal, Quality, Environmental and HSE tests

Enhance compliance processes and save time preparing for Quality Audits with all calibration data, inspection requirements and audit trails managed by the Condition Tracker module. This tool provides QA and Calibration Specialists with an accurate, ongoing record of all asset checks and verification that each asset has passed all relevant legal, quality, environmental and HSE tests.



Condition Export/Import Utility

Condition data can be exported out of the Idhammar CMMS into an Excel spreadsheet and updated and imported back into the system. Users will be able to export Conditions based on a range of selection criteria into an Excel spreadsheet and then import Condition Feedback from an Excel spreadsheet.


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