Miquest by Idhammar Systems

Miquest  is a fully licensed and supported software solution in the Idhammar Systems’ CMMS portfolio.

Miquest is a trusted and comprehensive asset and maintenance management software solution used within the Fire & Rescue Services, Hospitals, FM Service Providers, to help track and maintain their assets to a world class standard.

This easy to use solution is proven to:

  • Speed up repair processes
  • Reduce lost equipment, and
  • Demonstrate compliance

Ideal for mobile working and tracking moving assets, the CMMS provides full online and offline capability to handle all remote working environments. The fully customisable application is designed to run on a wide range of industrial mobile and tablet devices, and in conjunction with Barcode and RFID. Engineering teams around the world are using Miquest to:

  • Manage assets & work orders
  • Monitor & record defects
  • Plan critical maintenance
  • Track inventory & PPE
  • Control stock, purchases & costs
  • Report incidents & accidents

Highly regulated industries like the Fire & Rescue Services depend on Miquest to facilitate the critical testing of assets, prove the traceability of maintenance, and control equipment and inventory costs.

Discover more about how Miquest is used in the Emergency Services Sector.

For more product information, visit www.miquest.co.uk.