Mobile Maintenance

Planned, Predictive & Mobile Maintenance



Planned Maintenance Scheduling

Set up and repeat standard maintenance jobs either on the basis of periodic frequency (days, weeks, months, etc.), by a counter reading (hours run or units produced), or as determined by a planner. Maintenance schedules can be established by Asset Type and optionally linked to all assets of that type.


Skills Register

Personal Development Records can be associated with each member of the maintenance team, enabling a Maintenance Enquiry facility within the system to search for personnel who possess a specified skill and a valid certificate to perform scheduled maintenance tasks.



Predictive Maintenance

Prevent costly unplanned downtime by using the Analysis and Predictive Maintenance module to provide root-cause failure and other strategically important information, based on data gathered in the system. The analysis module helps to identify equipment suffering high downtime, repeated failure and high-levels of maintenance cost.



Mobile Maintenance

Implemented with the Idhammar CMMS or with a third party CMMS, the Mobile Maintenance module enables engineers to check and allocate stock or initiate work-orders in real-time, without returning to the office.  Paperwork is eliminated from duty-rounds as data is input on the spot, improving the accuracy, reporting and traceability of your inspection rounds. Compatible with most PDAs and Smartphones, hardware purchased directly from Idhammar Systems is preloaded with the software.


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