OEE Data Capture


Shop-Floor Data Capture

The Idhammar OEE Line Data Portal is designed to assist busy Operators to quickly gather valuable information about minor stoppages and exact timings during production start-up and breakdowns. The LDP enables production specialists to analyse this accurate OEE data in a configurable graphical format and use it to improve factory efficiency.




Manual Line Data Portal (LDP)

The Idhammar OEE Manual LDP enables users to enter product counts, waste and stoppage events as they happen in a structured and controlled way. Designed for touch-screen capability, it provides operators with a simple, fast and easy to use method of data entry. Part of the Idhammar OEE Line Data Portal suite, it can provide manufacturers with a useful stepping-stone to a fully automated line data capture system.




Automatic Line Data Portal (LDP)

The Idhammar OEE Automatic LDP enhances accuracy and visibility of production process issues as well as reducing paperwork on the factory floor.  Linking to data from external event generators (e.g. SCADA and PLCs) and able to import most common data types, automated data capture enables deeper analysis into hidden issues – such as 240 x 15 second (easily-missed) stops which equates to 1 hour of lost production in an 8 hour shift.



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