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Customer Support Services

Idhammar aims to partner customers over the long-haul, therefore our services and support won’t stop at installation. Our dedicated Customer Services Group provides customer centric support that continuously keeps our systems operating effectively in your organisation. Our dedicated Account Managers and Engineers are always on hand to provide onsite assistance as required.

img-box-24Help Desk Assistance

An annual support license gives clients access to Idhammar’s Specialist Technical Help Desk offering application and user support and remote IT assistance. All Help Requests are logged, tracked, and monitored for quality purposes. Direct and dedicated web access with secure upload and download areas are also available for software realignment and database normalising procedures.


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img-box-08Remote System Management

Some customers benefit from our technical experts undertaking some additional system management activities on their behalf, including: System configuration; User registration and Security management; Printer configuration; Back up management; Generation, review and distribution of key reports

img-box-25Annual Feedback and Evaluation

Idhammar Systems strives for continuous improvement and we are committed to acting on the feedback we receive. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about your experience, please let us know by completing the Contact Form or call us; we’re always keen to hear directly from our customers.