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Operational Excellence

Leading companies across the world benefit from Idhammar’s Systems, CMMS, OEE and WCM. We help our customers to achieve operational excellence through improved uptime, better productivity, using fewer resources and less wastage.

Proven ROI

Supporting quality and compliance goals with faster reporting and analysis to maximize plant efficiency and reduce energy costs. Idhammar’s Systems are proven to achieve full ROI within 6-12 months of implementation and identify year-on-year savings opportunities.

Systems in Action

The Idhammar CMMS, OEE and WCM systems are used internationally in companies of all sizes, in a broad range of industries including food and drink, chemical and pharmaceuticals, transport, print and packaging, through to general manufacturing and power & energy sector.

CMMS, OEE and WCM Systems

Keeping the manufacturing industry moving and improving.

OEE Systems

CMMS Systems

WCM Systems

Sectors that utilise Idhammar Systems

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes across a range of sectors. Find out more about our work and the organisations who have benefited from our systems.


Food and Drink


Pharmaceutical & Chemical


Utilities & Facilities


Print & Packaging


General Manufacturing


Emergency Services

Idhammar Services

As part of our industry recognised systems, we offer a range of services including:













Latest News

  • MONTREAL, May 31, 2022 / / – Valsoft Corporation Inc. (“Valsoft”), a Montreal-based company specialising in the acquisition and development of vertical market software businesses, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Idhammar Systems Limited, a leader in maintenance and manufacturing software, headquartered in Bristol, United Kingdom. “We spent a long......

  • It is certainly a busy month for the team at Idhammar Systems. We are off to Smart Factory Expo next week and recently attended the Maintec 2019 conference showcasing our advanced products and discussing how we can help organisations improve site operations. Here our very......

  • In the emergency services sector, assets are lifesaving tools, whether they provide added health and safety for emergency services personnel, help them to better carry out their job roles or are the vital tools between life or death. For these reasons alone, any assets need......

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