Maximise the Power of OEE with the New Idhammar Energy Monitor

Taking control of domestic energy consumption is a simple process. Small meters, often provided by energy companies, can be linked wirelessly to small screens displaying household cost, kilowatt hour or CO2 usage. The meters give you an insight into which appliances tend to consume the most energy. But how can this concept be expanded to the factory floor?

Until now, improving visibility of total production energy consumption seemed like a daunting task, requiring either big investment in energy measurement devices for individual pieces of equipment or tedious energy-reduction procedures. These included switch-off campaigns, the installation of new energy-efficient equipment and intelligent production scheduling at a lower time-tariff, each of which is insufficient to inaugurate real developments in energy efficiency.

Idhammar Systems know that the manufacturing solution lies with analysis of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), providing the ability to ‘keep score’ of manufacturing performance. By comparing energy consumption in relation to products made, it is possible to determine where losses in energy efficiency are occurring.

Delivering visible production performance and energy consumption data, the new Idhammar Energy Monitor, combined with a few discrete energy CT meters, could enable manufacturers to derive significant energy cost savings.

The Energy Monitor is fully integrated with the Idhammar OEE system and the shop floor, thereby enabling real-time delivery of production and energy performance. This allows clear monitoring, measurement and reporting of losses, so that root cause analysis can be performed to eliminate sources of energy inefficiency.

The Energy Monitor works by taking Availability, Performance and Quality data from the OEE Management System, and allowing the monitoring and reporting tools to drill down into the data to identify areas of waste. A major source of wasted energy often occurs at the end of shift when the product count stops, but energy is still being used due to equipment not being turned off. The Energy Monitor would detect this, along with even minor stoppages in production, to prevent machinery running unnecessarily.

The graph below illustrates this point with the use of glue heaters on a production line, whereby the blue line illustrates products being made and the red depicts electricity usage.

Such intelligent reporting methods can have impressive results on manufacturers’ carbon footprint well beyond the capabilities of conventional energy saving measures, helping to alleviate a very contemporary issue for most production firms.

The Energy Monitor also acts as a decision support tool, aiding smarter decision making to improve a firm’s bottom line, and giving you the power to answer questions such as ‘Can the plant go faster for the same energy usage?’.

Idhammar’s OEE Management system has had proven success with Hovis, the bread producing division of Premier Foods, enabling them to slash their annual gas expenditure by £400,000, saving the company 7% of their gas budget. Hovis’ previous Manufacturing Director, now Group Head of Operational Excellence for Premier Foods said:

“In addition to savings in labour unit cost and product wastage, we have achieved significant savings in energy usage.  Optimised OEE has a hugely beneficial impact on our energy-efficiency programme which supports our environmental objectives.” 

Read the Energy Monitor datasheet for more information on how you can harness the power of OEE in your business, or contact us today to arrange a free demonstration.