How to be a Continuous Improvement King – Idhammar Present at the WMMC

This year’s Works Management Manufacturing Conference (WMMC) is approaching fast (14th – 15th November 2012), but there’s still time to secure your place in the all-round continuous improvement experience, delivered by some of the industry’s leading professionals in lean manufacturing.

As a leading partner of WMMC 2012, Idhammar Systems will be conducting presentations within all three of the interactive workshop sessions, delivered by Idhammar Managing Director of Operations, John Roberts, on Day 2 of the Conference.

Workshop 1 – OEE to Engage and Inspire

The motivational influence of data displays and suggestion schemes will be discussed, demonstrating how real-time Andon screens (shown below) can be used to empower shopfloor staff, along with real-life examples of how worker suggestions in the OEE Continuous Improvement Suggestion Scheme have enabled companies such as General Motors to make considerable savings. The suggestion scheme works in line with the OEE measurement systems, combining powerful drill down performance analysis with morale boosting incentives, with a shared aim of continually improving business operations.

Workshop 2 – Calculating ROI for an OEE System

Workshop 2 will investigate the different methods of data capture for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) employed by manufacturers, with case studies of each approach in action. A demonstration of how to calculate realistic payback for OEE will also be provided, with spreadsheet examples that can be temporarily implemented in your plant to observe how an OEE system, coupled with strong management and cultural change, can drive continuous improvement.

Workshop 3 – Energy Efficiency and OEE 

The final workshop provided by Roberts will discuss how an OEE score, which is a standard index of manufacturing efficiency, can highlight the link between energy usage and total product to determine even the most minor areas of inefficiency and waste. The importance of good information feeding into an OEE system, coupled with additional wireless metering points, such as the Idhammar Energy Monitor, will be emphasised, to ensure complete visibility of plant operations. In turn, companies face greatly increased scope for ROI improvements.

The conference will also include a talk from Graham Patterson, the head of continuous improvement at Premier Foods, who will be providing a case study on ‘Doing More with Less – Why OEE Improvement is always the right thing to do’. As one of Idhammar’s largest clients, Premier Foods have reaped significant benefits from the implementation of OEE software, unleashing lost capacity and reducing energy usage and waste.

So, what are you waiting for? With presentations from CI speakers unravelling their lean experiences, workshop sessions and factory tours, don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to uncover the best industry secrets to drive continuous improvement, and book your place before it’s too late.