CMMS Obliterates ERP as a Plant and Machinery Maintenance Enhancer

CMMS obliteratesCMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management Systems) are in growing demand in the manufacturing fraternity. Put quite simply, CMMS software packages are the most effective way of managing plant maintenance. But where have they come from; why have they been developed, and what benefits will a CMMS software package offer over the alternatives?

In the Beginning…

First there was MRP (Materials Requirement Planning); then there was ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). MRP was a computerised system for helping with planning procurement and materials management. It has, to all intents and purposes, now been superseded for many by ERP, a computerised system which takes a more global view, encompassing other resources such as plant and labour into its calculations.

The Creation of CMMS

Whilst plant and machine maintenance is essential in any manufacturing production scenario, it was totally ignored by MRP, which was fundamentally a materials management procurement tool. ERP went on to include a plant and machine maintenance module within its package, but failed to address many of the vital needs of the dedicated maintenance manager. It was really more of an accounting tool. The void was filled by the creation of CMMS.

The Evolution of CMMS

The first serious CMMS packages appeared over 20 years ago. But in the past couple of decades, they’ve evolved by encompassing advances in management systems, processes and technology, creating a dedicated maintenance management tool that thinks ahead. ERP, good as it is as an overall production tool, is rather a jack of all trades. CMMS on the other hand is the dedicated king of the plant and machinery maintenance kingdom.

What CMMS Offers that its Competitors Do Not

  • Lower running costs
  • Industry regulation compliance
  • Risk mitigation
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced, fast return on investment.

Leave Bean Counting to the Bean Counters

Whilst ERP is useful, its characteristics have been developed with bean counters in mind. However, plant and maintenance managers are not bean counters. They are the people who are charged with the responsibility of keeping production flowing, no matter what, and improving efficiency where possible. CMMS software is specifically designed for those plant and maintenance managers working at the sharp end.

CMMS isn’t Reactive – It’s Proactive

A CMMS package isn’t reactive, although of course it is designed to react quickly. Its main strength lies in the fact that it’s proactive. By putting data capture to best use, it predicts problems, puts preventative maintenance and service routines into place, ensuring that the necessary parts and spares are on hand as and when required.

CMMS proactively helps industry health and safety procedures by providing service/maintenance reports, and ensuring their timely scheduling.

Through its proactive intelligent reporting, CMMS helps to collate data, using it for lowering risk, not only in terms of health and safety, but in financial terms also.

CMMS lowers costs by minimising and negating down time which also speeds ROI through increased efficiencies of existing plant and machinery.

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