Measuring OEE – What’s Next?

Manufacturers are measuring OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in ever greater numbers to lower their base manufacturing costs, improve their ROI (Return on Investment), and beef up their bottom line. If you’ve not yet investigated the potential of OEE and what it can offer, then it’s probably time you learned what all the fuss is about.

The secret behind making profit as a manufacturing business is all about controlling your costs. OEE is the tool that allows you to exercise that control. Nearly all businesses have loss-making areas. But if you can identify and quantify  those loss-making areas, isolate them and address them, then you’re onto a sure fire winner, and that’s exactly what OEE software allows you to do. It is the catalyst that is responsible for improving manufacturing performance.

Installing OEE software empowers you and provides accurate real-time facts to turn a loss-making area within the production process  into a key driver that you can use to headline your daily manufacturing review meetings. By using accurate information about  these  losses to structure your meetings, you can focus your manager’s attention on how best to improve these areas, on a shift-by-shift basis, or by highlighting the particular processes within the cycle that are causing concern.

The most exciting thing about measuring OEE is that you have the basis to bring about these improvements and efficiencies without any major investment in additional or new plant, or machinery; it’s all about getting more out of your existing equipment, and the real-time element brings a level of urgency that ensures staff are aware of issues at the time, instead of at the end of the shift .

But what comes next? Is installing OEE software the only step? Can manufacturing concerns simply stand back once an OEE program is up and running and watch base costs decrease? The answer, of course, is no – certainly not!

Much of our modern manufacturing management techniques have been learnt from the Japanese, and it is to them we turn once again for guidance. The Japanese have a concept known simply as Kaizen, and in a nutshell it means ‘continuous improvement’. That’s exactly what OEE software delivers into your hands – the ability to introduce a management analysis tool that drives Kaizen.

No organisation can afford to sit back on its laurels. Manufacturing is a constant work in progress. Machinery ages, the quality of raw materials fluctuates, new processes are developed and introduced, staffing levels vary, shift working possibilities come and go – the process and the ongoing change that these processes undergo is in a constant state of flux. It’s running OEE software that allows you to keep pace and regularly monitor that change in flux; to anticipate and react; to keep your production lines current, to keep your costs under control.

What’s next in OEE science? It’s simple – more of the same. Keep running the programmes, bringing new updates in as and when they become available, and continually challenging your production base.

But don’t forget that it’s as much about people as it is about computer software. Without the right quality of approach by management, OEE is just another tool. It’s the management’s ability to work that tool, and react to the in-depth information that it provides that makes all the difference.

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