Manufacturing Science – Rendering Spreadsheets Obsolete

OEE Spreadsheet

Manufacturing science is being used by more and more companies as they embrace the concept of OEE.

Science at its Practical Best

Don’t be put off by usage of the terminology “manufacturing science”. Yes, it’s a science in the sense that it’s an exact and precise study, but it’s also a very real practical tool too; one that can be used to significantly increase productivity in  almost any manufacturing working environment.

Before OEE there was The Spreadsheet

The manufacturing process has, of course, always been one of the most important considerations in any company’s management deliberations. Before the term OEE was first coined, companies were still interested in measuring their production potential. Back in the days before current OEE methodology was available, most companies used spreadsheets to gather the necessary data. Many still do. But modern OEE software not only far outstrips the accuracy of data capture by spreadsheet;  it also negates the need for data manipulation.

If You Can’t Measure it – You Can’t Manage it

These are the famous words of Peter Drucker, celebrated Austrian-born American business management consultant and guru. They are the fundamental principle on which effective OEE is based. But not only do you need to be able to measure the production process; you need to be able to measure it accurately! It’s one manifestation of the old data input adage – “Rubbish in – rubbish out”. In other words, if your measurements are inaccurate, so will anything else be that follows on from there.

The Weaknesses of the Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets are great tools for making calculations and presenting data, but they are not in themselves, reporting mechanisms. OEE reports are just what they say they are – REPORTS.

What spreadsheets don’t do:

  • They don’t collect data – it has to be input by hand.
  • They don’t analyse the data – that relies on human intelligence.
  • They are not error free – humans are not perfect, we all make mistakes
  • They are not scheduled – the frequency of updating is down to manual selection.
  • They are for individual analysis – they cannot be simultaneously networked.
  •  They are surface presentations – you cannot drill down into the data.
  • They may not be secure documents – anyone can change the data if not protected.

The Strengths of OEE Reporting

OEE reports, like those designed by Idhammar Systems, are bespoke, pre-programmed reports that have been developed specifically for presenting OEE findings. Where spreadsheets fail to deliver, Idhammar’s OEE reports provide:

  • Totally accurate data capture – it’s an automatic process, inbuilt into the system.
  • In depth analysis – you can drill down behind the data presented.
  • Error free data – because of automatic data capture, human error is ruled out.
  • Real time capture – data capture is ongoing, not subject to human forgetfulness to schedule.
  • Reports can be networked – available on demand to whomever is authorised.
  • Inbuilt security preventing data corruption.

OEE reporting beats spreadsheeting hands down every time! Get in touch, and put our OEE software to the test!