OEE and the Food and Drink Industry

OEE and the food industry are one of the most successful partnerships in terms of modern day production efficiency management practice.

OEE – The Smart Way to Reduce Costs
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is the smartest way there is today of reducing costs. With virtually no extra investment, (other than the cost of the software itself), it is a sure-fire way of increasing the efficiency of production cycles, resulting in:

•    Increased profits
•    Improved ROI (return on investments).

OEE and the Food Industry
All industries are under pressure in the current economic climate, but the Food and Beverages industry in particular is under more pressure than most. In fact, many smaller food manufacturers have, in recent years, either gone bust, or have become sufficiently weakened to then be susceptible to hostile takeovers from some of the industry’s giants. But OEE has already enabled many manufacturers to weather the storm, and indeed to strengthen their profits and their bottom lines. The result shows that OEE and the food industry are an ideal pairing for optimising production cost reduction.

Idhammar Systems, one of the world’s leading suppliers of OEE and CMMS software, has successfully enabled significant cost reductions and increased ROI to be realised at many food industry manufacturers including:

•    Premier Foods
•    Chivas Brothers
•    Accolade Wines
•    Percy Dalton’s Famous Peanut Company
•    Aunt Bessie’s
•    DeliFrance
•    Largo Foods.

How Soon Can You Expect to See Results?
Whilst installing one of Idhammar’s OEE software packages won’t show overnight improvements in the efficiency of the production cycle, it does work rapidly. In actual fact, the wherewithal to begin the continuous improvement process is delivered as soon as the software is put to work. It is then down to how quickly the change management team analyses the data and the reports that the OEE software provides. As a general rule, OEE and the food industry projects that have been implemented to date, have all shown a significantly improved ROI within the first 12 months

How Well Does it Work?
It is a matter of record that OEE and the food industry projects that Idhammar Systems has applied it to have shown remarkable results.

•    One leading food manufacturer calculated that a 1% improvement in its OEE score equated to a saving of over £800K per annum. The company was forecasting a 13% improvement in the 15 months following implementation of the OEE software!

•    Another leading food manufacturer was able to significantly reduce its power consumption, thereby reducing its gas bill by an enormous £456,000 per annum!

•    A bottling plant increased output from 250 to 280 bottles per minute, a 12% increase resulting in a reduction from 113 hours to only 77 hours for the same output!

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