Case Study: OEE and Biscuit Manufacturing

Crunch 2In this article, we focus on how Idhammar’s OEE System helped a large UK biscuit manufacturer cut costs without cutting corners.

High pressure manufacturing demands precision operation and a team-based approach to continuous improvement. However, a strong focus on reliable and accurate information is also fundamental to success. One of the largest UK biscuit manufacturers recognised the importance of high visibility of information to keep track of operational performance, and turned to OEE to provide the solution.

Why OEE?

Detailed OEE analysis enables production managers to identify exactly where losses are occurring, and supplies the tools to support the efforts and initiatives required to resolve issues. This is adding up to huge financial benefit and consequently a fast return on investment for our food manufacturer in question.

With a selection of strong core values – performance, speed, innovation and teamwork – at the heart of the company, the large confectioner sets itself high benchmarks to ensure it retains a prime position within the market and preserves its brand names as firm favourites.

Faced with the sustainability challenges that impact all manufacturers, particularly within the food and beverage sector, the biscuit producer strives to operate every production plant at the highest possible speed, with the lowest number of stoppages, producing the highest possible quality biscuits, with maximum product flexibility at the lowest possible cost.

When it comes to the crunch

With 450 employees covering a 24 hour shift pattern at one site alone, operational excellence is a strategic imperative, spurring the initiation of the company’s lean manufacturing journey.

After implementing a series of successful lean initiatives, the company decided to replace its spreadsheet performance measurement system with a quicker, detailed, drill down analysis system. Idhammar OEE was trialled on a single production line, measuring and reporting on every second of production, thus enabling the Continuous Improvement team to highlight the top losses and focus the improvement agenda.

Visible improvements

Demonstrating clear financial and operational benefits, Idhammar OEE identified opportunities for improvement, some requiring just simple, low-cost changes to processes, which would otherwise have been difficult to locate and quantify. The core system was soon rolled out to the other lines for a site wide solution.

The Idhammar Quality Monitor software was also installed to reduce business risk by providing real-time, paperless control of compliance and reporting.

Configured to monitor product content, parameter and frequency, the software has improved batch-traceability and reduced the level of product waste by triggering tasks according to a specific inspection schedule, so that shop-floor personnel can perform the required checks and enter the results in real-time.

Quantifiable savings

By having data available in a format which is easy to interpret meant that the UK confectioner could target production downtime, thereby speeding up resolution processes. The company has already made significant savings with the Idhammar OEE System and forecast even more savings over the next two years. This is very good news in the current climate, and paints a promising picture of the company’s future.

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