Maintaining Exacting Standards with a CMMS

MaintenanceGetting a strong foothold as a supplier for the UK’s foremost food retailer is certain to significantly enhance your reputation as a manufacturer, as one of the UK’s leading fresh fish processors has discovered.

Maintaining preferred supplier status with a UK supermarket giant for a number of years has enabled the manufacturer to demonstrate strong and rapid growth, which just so happened to coincide with both the development of the fish market and the supermarket’s increasing share of that market.

The compliance imperative

With companies outsourcing their manufacturing and product supply to strategic partners across the globe, supplier quality management has emerged as one of the leading business practices in the past few years.

Whilst the fish processor in question relies on its own internal quality control system, world-class businesses, such as the UK’s leading supermarkets, ensure that purchase orders are only placed with suppliers that can meet their exacting quality standards in addition to industry regulations. Suppliers are therefore subject to regular audit and inspection of all parts of the manufacturing process, including the maintenance function.

Demonstrating regulatory compliance is a key driver for purchasing a CMMS, particularly in heavily regulated industries like food and beverage production.

Holding a strong supplier reputation, the UK fish producer recognised the need to record and demonstrate quality processes across all functions, but found that they were drowning in paper records of maintenance activities.

The maintenance team also found themselves spending a great deal of time recording, managing and collating the information into reports. The Engineering Manager wanted a solution that would automate the whole process.

As a result, the firm sought a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), selecting the Idhammar MMS which was rapidly installed at the plant with the full support of the Engineering and Maintenance team.

Supporting compliance and audit

To ensure compliance with safety regulations and quality management systems, a number of tasks, such as monitoring the safety of electrical systems and equipment and monitoring machinery condition, must be planned and full records kept of both test results and the maintenance carried out.

The Idhammar MMS solution supports the fish manufacturer’s best working practices and procedures. The ‘central library’ function provides catalogued evidence that compliant safety and performance measures are in place by retaining safety certificates by asset, historical inspection reports, maintenance activity logs, and test data.

The easy to use reporting and search facility enables on-demand visibility of these records during audit or inspection, whilst also promoting knowledge sharing.

In addition, the Idhammar MMS can schedule PM jobs automatically based on schedules and/or meter readings by keeping stringent track of PM inspections and jobs. This level of control and personal ownership of data is vital to Engineering Managers.

Saving time and money

After a few weeks of operation, it was evident to the fish processor’s Engineering and Maintenance team that using Idhammar MMS would save them time and money. The system allowed them to dramatically reduce the amount of paper they keep and the time spent managing information, enabling them to demonstrate a professional approach to maintenance.

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