The Lean Glossary

Lean GlossaryEmbarking on a lean journey bodes well for the future success of your manufacturing operation, although it can feel like entering a minefield of terminology. You’ll soon discover that a little advice can go a long way.

As leading providers of integrated OEE software, Idhammar recognises the importance of complete visibility, in terms of both production performance and understanding OEE concepts, in order to drive a programme of continuous improvement.

So, we’ve put together The Lean Glossary of common terms and phrases used in the world of lean manufacturing, OEE and Continuous Improvement, to help lessen the confusion and improve your understanding of all things lean. You can’t go wrong!

5 Whys Problem solving technique, ask why 5 times
5S Sort out, Set limits & locations, shine, standardise, Systemise & sustain
A3 Toyota Problem Solving Technique
Andon Signal board to show current production progress
Autonomous Maintenance Operators perform certain equipment maintenance activities cleaning, inspecting, lubricating, monitoring and maintenance crafts get closely involved in the daily operation of equipment
Bottleneck  At asset whose performance or capacity limits the rest of the process
CANDO Clear out, Arrange, Neat & Clean, Discipline, Ongoing Improvements
CI Continuous Improvement, a methodology based on tools and techniques which helps resolve business issues in a sustained and logical manner
Cycle Time Total amount of time it takes for defined steps in a process to be completed
DMAIC Steps used in CI methodology, Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control
FMEA Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, a structured approach that identifies and documents possible failure modes, effects of failures, causes, and associated corrective actions, includes a weighted approach to quantify Occurrence, Detection, and Severity elements
FMECA Failure mode and effects and criticality analysis (see FMEA)
Gemba The place, the production floor
Genchi Genbutsu Go and see for yourself, actually go to the location and experience the situation first hand
Hidden Factory The parts and methods of production which hide aspects of waste
Just-In-Time The supply of items for the production process only when they are needed
Kaizen Japanese term for small incremental improvements, change for the better, the daily pursuit of perfection
Kanban An electronic or paper card system authorising the production or delivery of materials
Low hanging fruit Problems that can be resolved quickly
M&T Monitoring and Targeting
MTBF Mean time between failure
MTTR Mean time to repair
MUDA Seven Types of waste, Defects, Overproduction, Conveyance, Waiting, Inventory, Motion, Over processing
NLP Neural Linguistic Programming
OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness
PDCA Plan, Do, Check, Act, a systematic process for continuous improvement activities
POKA YOKE Mistake proofing
PPM Parts Per Million, a defect measurement
Pull System Consumption triggers Kanban replenishment
Quick Wins Improvements which are easy, low risk and are at minimal cost
RCM Reliability Centred Maintenance
RFT Right First Time, perfectly processed product
ROA Return on Assets
ROI Return on Investment
Root Cause The primary reason for a defect or failure
RPN Risk priority number, used mainly within FMEA or FMECA activities
Six Sigma Cultural change methodology based on statistical variation in a process
SMED Single Minute Exchange of Dies, changeover methodology
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SPL Single Point Lesson
Takt Time Demand rate, defines the manufacturing line speed and the cycle times for all manufacturing operations. Available work time per day / daily required demand
TEEP Total Effective Equipment Productivity, OEE against 168 hours or Utlisation
TPM Total Productive Maintenance
TPS Toyota Production System
TQM Total Quality Management
TRIZ Theory of inventive problem solving
TRS Taux de Rendement Synthetique, OEE in French!
VSM Value Stream Mapping, a method of graphically depicting the steps in a productive process
WIP Work In Process, incomplete product in the production cycle

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