Justifying CMMS to your Management

CMMS2Engineering managers realise the benefits of CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management Systems) and know the edge it can give to controlling costs in any manufacturing company. Translating the benefits of CMMS sufficiently to senior management or budget controllers that will enable CMMS purchase and a positive implementation can be challenging, if not impossible.3 key things senior management need to understand to ‘sign off’ on that all important CMMS purchase…..

Increased Productivity

CMMS significantly increases productivity. It improves the way that plant maintenance is carried out.

  • It focuses on the existing plant
  • It analyzes past maintenance performance
  • It creates new maintenance schedules
  • It streamlines spare part holdings
  • It reduces plant down time
  • Other than the cost of the CMMS software, there is no additional cost

This is a win, win scenario; less down time, leaner spare parts holding, and increased productivity. The relatively small cost of the CMMS package, will be recouped within the first few months of increased productivity. No risk – only gain.

Running Costs

The application of CMMS improves the effectiveness of machinery.

  • It will operate more efficiently
  • It may work faster
  • It will extend a machine’s working life
  • It reduces running costs

Reduced running costs + increased production = greater productivity.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of the workforce is a given. Preventing accidents in the workplace is essential. Most are caused by faulty brakes and broken or damaged guards.

CMMS will help to:

  • Ensure best practice is followed in routine maintenance work
  • Ensure that all brakes and guards are correctly installed and maintained
  • Keep a record of all maintenance and servicing history

Accidents cause serious down time if the HSE decide to ban a machine from being used. Installing CMMS significantly decreases the chances of any accidents happening. If an accident does occur, CMMS provides all of the necessary documentation to substantiate that routine maintenance and servicing has been observed.

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