How Green is my OEE?

It is known that measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) will provide a platform for greater business efficiency through increased availability, improved operational performance and higher product quality, but it is increasingly used by forward-thinking manufacturers, to maximise the energy efficiency of factories and thus to reduce carbon footprint.

It is not unusual for adopters to see a 15-25% improvement in their OEE score within just three months by exploiting the reporting and drill-down capabilities of their OEE system. Savings in material costs, production time, labour and energy costs can be very significant indeed, helping the company improve profitability and gain a competitive advantage.

OEE compliant manufacturers should expect their system supplier to be able to turn raw performance DATA into valuable business INFORMATION which can be translated into PROFIT. By increasing availability, optimising operational performance and improving product quality, there will be positive impact upon underlying environmental factors; conversely, focusing upon improving environmental issues will only contribute towards an improved OEE score and thus, profitability.

Energy is wasted running an environment in which there is failing or sub-optimal performing equipment; defects, rejects and reworks can all increase which steal from the business bottom line.

By improving the performance of existing plant, reducing breakdowns and restarts, the reduction in resulting energy costs will be very significant. With an ongoing focus, these energy savings can be sustainable over time.

The old adage says: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. An advanced OEE system can help you measure the carbon footprint of your business and reduce it – can turn your DATA into INFORMATION and into PROFIT.

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