We’re Cloud Computing Compatible!

Idhammar Systems are pleased to announce that both its CMMS and OEE product range are cloud compatible.


Cloud Computing is fast becoming a necessity in the growing IT industry.  By adopting Cloud hosting, customers do not have to worry about internal IT infrastructure and can concentrate on their core businesses. Outsourcing to the Cloud means that software vendors take responsibility for all hardware and software matters. Within the Cloud, systems can be load balanced:  during peak usage server capacity will expand to meet the immediate operational needs of the business.  More users and increased volumes of complex transactions will not result in degradation of system performance.

Cloud Computing can lead to significant cost savings, which is great news for SMEs. With the recent surge of interest into Cloud Computing, there has been a dramatic increase of investment in infrastructure and data centres: running costs have been slashed.  This, matched with the cost savings gained by only paying for the capacity required, makes the option of externally hosting considerably cheaper than current in-house IT facilities and people needed to manage and maintain them. The development of the Cloud has been built on collective learning and input of customers. The processes, gateways and interfaces that new customers will experience are well tested and proven to deliver the best business results.

One of the major concerns about using cloud based services has been data security.  On line security technologies have improved dramatically in recent years and using cloud based services today are likely to be at least, if not more secure than your internally hosted systems. Doubts regarding security can be minimised by regularly monitoring where sensitive data is being stored and who has access to it. Encryption software can be deployed to protect confidential information.

For many large corporations, the Cloud has become an increasingly attractive option.  By using the Cloud, a company immediately frees up space, capital investment, management time and manpower.

If you’d like to understand the benefits that you could implement by using an externally hosted CMMS or OEE system, then please get in touch.