How Idhammar will help to improve your Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

For many employers, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is thought of as an issue that is ‘nice to have’ but by no means essential. There are regular gestures made within companies to increase CSR, however these can be ‘one-offs’ that are quickly forgotten.

A Best of Breed Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) application such as those developed by Idhammar Systems, incorporates CSR within the system. There are a number of ways that this is possible, relating to employees, the environment and waste reduction.


Firstly, a CMMS allows for health & safety matters and a safe working environment to be of paramount importance. Legislation must be followed and high risk operational procedures must be fully documented to ensure that employees are not exposed to risk.  The system will also help to ensure that employees are trained to the appropriate standard and that only those with the necessary skills are asked to carry out specific tasks.  To find out how CMMS guarantees a Health and Safety compliant workplace, please read this article on our news section of the Idhammar website.

There is great importance placed on a conscientious understanding of material used. What is renewable, reusable or recyclable? A properly implemented CMMS will direct employees to record maintenance material usage and also dispose of used materials in the most environmentally sustainable manner.  A comprehensive OEE system will monitor CSR issues, such as energy consumption, waste and emissions. Keeping a close eye on these factors will improve efficiency; lower costs improve margins and contribute to the Corporate Social Responsibility plan.  It’s worth remembering that CSR is totally compatible with a cost cutting strategy, as almost every time you reduce waste under the CSR banner, a cost-reduction will be happening simultaneously.

Reducing waste and improving operational efficiency will reduce emissions and energy consumption per unit produced thus limiting the environmental impact of your manufacturing processes.  High definition energy monitoring and analysis linked to product count will allow managers to focus on specific instances of non productive energy usage, reduce in wasted energy and deliver a smaller energy bill!

To find out more about how Best of Breed CMMS and OEE can help you cut costs, reduce harmful emissions and become more compliant with specific legislation, then please contact Idhammar Systems to have a chat with one of our specialists.