Idhammar Updates

“Pocket MMS”

There have been a lot of technical advances recently across the manufacturing industry; one particularly relevant advancement to Lean Manufacturing being mobile devices. As a provider of manufacturing systems – namely CMMS and OEE, we have to keep up to date with new requirements and ensure our systems match not just the competition, but the needs of our customers – sometimes even before our customers realise their needs themselves! -Which is exactly what we’ve been up to. Our most recent mobile MMS update “Pocket MMS” is being rolled out across another customer site, with initial reports showing that it’s improving response time, reducing the amount of admin needed to collect information and ensuring the collection of accurate data. Following the initial positive feedback, we’re excited to rollout our most up to date across many more of our CMMS customer sites.


“Thanks for the lovely feedback!”

We’ve recently implemented our systems – both CMMS and OEE across a number of new and existing customer’s sites and have been blown away by some fantastic comments. Whether it’s the first time a Maintenance System has been implemented, or being used in conjunction with other existing systems, we’re really pleased with how impressed our customers have been.


For one customer, implementing a brand new CMMS has meant moving away from a paper based spreadsheet maintenance system. This has streamlined the maintenance process, saving a huge amount of time, reducing paper-print outs and making the whole administration process of maintenance much easier. After having a chat with the Maintenance Manager at the site, he’s hugely impressed with just how easy the system is to use and what value it’s added to his day-to-day routine.


Another existing customer decided to add our OEE system to a brand new line that had been moved from one site to another. They were able to analyse reports, helping build strategy and understand just how much more efficient their new line is on the new site. Since gaining this evidence, investigations are going on to understand if further relocations should happen to increase profitability.


“Exciting things on the horizon”

Idhammar Systems have some exciting things going on at the moment and it’s not just to do with the development of our systems. As a technical company, it’s important we’re up to date with all of the latest technologies, so look out for new updates that we’re working on here.