First Idhammar OEE in Sweden at Fiskeby Paper Mill

In addition to a major upgrade to Idhammar MMS, we will be implementing OEE at the Fiskeby Paper Mill in Norrköping, Sweden. Fiskeby has been manufacturing paper and board since 1637 and in 2013 produced 169,000 tonnes. Our MMS has been at the site for more than twenty years so we’re thrilled that Fiskeby are taking their manufacturing performance to new levels.

Fiskeby Multiboard is manufactured from 100% recycled fibre which brings clear environmental benefits and reflects the modern requirements for a sustainable society.

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Idhammar Whitepaper – Production Effectiveness

Why energy efficiency is a critical element in the compound measure of profitability.

REDUCING WASTE in all its forms (inventory, downtime, leaks, paperwork etc) through lean manufacturing, coupled with energy saving campaigns such as ‘load shedding’, ‘switch off’, ‘insulate better’, and ‘heat efficiently’, has until now, helped to considerably lower manufacturing costs and increase profitability. However, escalating energy costs consume an increasingly large percentage (a reported 30-90%) of operating and maintenance budgets.

In the last decade, the industrial price of gas and electricity has shot up 122% and 94% respectively, so whilst Operational Effectiveness is key to meeting business objectives, it is now vital to adapt lean manufacturing approaches towards Production Effectiveness by rigorously managing energy usage.

Underlining this trend, the manufacturers’ advisory organisation EEF, published survey results in 2014 which highlighted that ‘energy management’ is a Board Level concern, with 96% of UK manufacturers going beyond the basics and increasing investment:

“What’s clear is that the vast majority of manufacturers that pursue energy efficiency report that it helps them manage their costs and competitiveness” Susanne Baker, Senior Climate and Environment Policy Adviser at EEF.

Making every second of production count is no longer enough to stay ahead of the competition. Understanding energy usage across the manufacturing process is key to identifying innovative equipment, processes, and product strategy that will improve energy efficiency.

This whitepaper examines why energy efficiency is an intrinsic element in the calculation of Production Effectiveness: the compound measure of profitability.

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