More customers move to Idhammar Cloud based systems

Hovis & the Environment Agency confirm move to the Cloud

Long standing Idhammar customers Hovis and the Environment Agency are approaching the final stages of a move from locally hosted software to Idhammar’s Cloud environment.  Idhammar installation specialists have been working with both organisations and have successfully completed a rigorous operational testing programme.  The Environment Agency will be moving their Idhammar MMS applications to the Cloud at the turn of the year and Hovis will be migrating their MMS and OEE applications early in November.  The Environment Agency and Hovis will join other Idhammar Cloud customers which include RWE, Unilever and Akzo Nobel.

Idhammar Cloud based systems provide significant advantages over locally hosted equivalents including:

  • Improved system performance
  • Minimum or zero participation by corporate IT support
  • Immediate access to installation of upgraded versions and service packs via the Idhammar Help Desk team


Production Effectiveness and Energy Efficiency

Our latest whitepaper ‘Production Effectiveness & Energy Efficiency’ explores why it is vital to adapt lean manufacturing approaches towards Production Effectiveness by rigorously managing energy usage.

Making every second of production count is no longer enough to stay ahead of the competition. Understanding and monitoring energy usage across the manufacturing process is key to identifying innovative equipment, processes and product strategy that will improve energy efficiency and the sustainability of your business. Download a copy now.