Maintaining High Performance Steel Production at Ovako

IDH_OvakoSteel_CMMS_Case Study_ImageFor over two decades, Ovako Steel has been using the Idhammar MMS at Hofors, to support the plant’s 5S maintenance programme: sorting equipment, simplifying processes, sweeping/shining (cleaning) the working environment, standardising operations and practices and sustaining improvements to ensure lean manufacturing of its products.


Some of the key Idhammar MMS features used at Ovako Steel, Hofors:

  1. Advanced asset management – developed to facilitate the management of all maintainable components – ensuring comprehensive asset data can be retrieved at the simple touch of a button.
  2. Systematic Inspections – for scheduling of condition monitoring activities along with intelligent reporting functionality to maintain the high standards of the working environment.
  3. Consistent and effective planning – enabling standardised and repeatable work order requests containing accurate and up to date information to be generated quickly and easily.
  4. Powerful Analysis to sustain Improvement – facilitating technical and economical analysis along with plant maintenance history to identify issues and inform the Hofors continuous improvement agenda.
  5. System development and standardisation – ensuring the Idhammar MMS solution continuously supports Ovako Steel, Hofors, and across sites with Hällefors, driving valuable benefits by continually controlling maintenance costs, and sharing information and best practices.