Driving Maintenance Forward at Ohlssons

IDH_Ohlssons_CMMS_Case Study_FinalWith a motto and reputation for excellence, Ohlssons AB  – the successful Swedish full service transport business – has deployed the Idhammar MMS to respond to increasing pressure to keep track of operations and the maintenance of their fleet.

Over recent years, the number of Ohlsson’s mobile assets has steadily grown, making it increasingly challenging to manually manage the maintenance of their vehicles using an excel spreadsheet. The maintenance team needed to be able to track their vehicles so they could determine a schedule for repairs, and issue alerts when vehicles came back in service. Tracking vehicle costs as well as routine vehicle services and inspections was also a high priority.

Esad Skrijelj, Technical Director at Ohlssons explains:

“We chose Idhammar MMS as it offered the complete package which could take care of all aspects of fleet and asset management, as well as being a powerful tool to manage resources and scheduling with the ability to produce business reports to track trends and enforce decision making.”


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