Miquest – Saving time and money for Dorset Fire & Rescue Service

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Since adding Miquest to our CMMS portfolio in November, Idhammar Systems is delighted to present this Case Study, with thanks to Dorset Fire & Rescue Service…

WITH OVER 21500 CRITICAL ASSETS to track across a fleet of 49 fire appliances and 26 fire stations, Dorset Fire & Rescue Service trusts Miquest to help manage the maintenance and testing of all their fleet and equipment, including fire appliances and PPE.

Chris Dart, the Services’ Asset Information Officer who was involved in the selection process, explains how Miquest is enabling flexible, traceable maintenance of critical assets:

“We have just moved to using tablets to record the work undertaken by our Equipment Technicians. This has enabled us to embrace mobile working for these staff so they can fully capture the work they perform out on our stations. This has resulted in less paperwork and a more flexible workforce.