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Idhammar MMS provides peace of mind, ensuring you have an electronic paper trail of compliance.


Idhammar MMS for Audits and Compliance

CMMS continues to be one of the most advanced and useful investments available to industry today. Regardless of the size of your business, a CMMS can provide significant benefits to the professional maintenance management of your organisation and deliver savings to the bottom line. Businesses can take advantage of highly affordable systems and expect a return on their investment within months rather than years.

Connecting with our customers and talking to many maintenance professionals and others at Maintec this year we discovered that there was a striking commonality with the issues that industry people wanted to discuss with us. Audits and keeping up with legal compliance issues are the primary concern. We found many organisations do not yet have a robust or auditable CMMS in place and are instead relying on people’s memories, pieces of paper and spreadsheets.

Demonstrating regulatory compliance is often a key driver for purchasing a CMMS. It’s not just the heavily regulated industries like food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals that are required to keep an auditable record of maintenance. Health, safety and environmental regulations apply to all manufacturing operations, and Idhammar MMS will both record the details of the maintenance activity on vital machinery and prompt you to ensure that the work is actually carried out at specified intervals.

Idhammar MMS makes compliance easily traceable for audits.

Our Condition Tracker module enhances compliance processes and saves time preparing for Quality Audits by managing all calibration data, inspection requirements and audit trails. This module provides QA and Calibration Specialists with an accurate record of all asset checks. It also provides verification that each asset that has passed all relevant legal, quality, environmental and HSE tests.

Idhammar MMS supports statutory plus quality compliance standards, including ISO 9000, GAMP, BRC Audit and FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Additionally, user-restricted access (RBAC) is a standard feature.  If the system is hosted by Idhammar it will also comply with ISO 27001 security management requirements.

Whatever the size of your manufacturing operation, let Idhammar MMS take care of your audits and compliance, while you concentrate on the bigger picture.

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