Idhammar OEE delivering global monitoring visibility

At Idhammar Systems, our customer portfolio is global and diverse, and we relish the challenge of tailoring the deployment of our systems to the needs of the customer.  One of our Nordic OEE customers, a leading international supplier of paper based packaging solutions, provides both the machinery and the raw materials for production of drinks containers.

Our customer, whom we shall refer to as “PAKCO”, has operations in more than 40 markets throughout the world, and last year sold over 12.8 billion cartons of milk, juice, wine and soup. The group selected Idhammar OEE to help measure and improve performance and to help PAKCO maximise support for their customers.

Faulty machinery or operator error?

These expensive and complex filling machines need to be correctly operated and maintained in order to operate at peak performance.

In certain circumstances PAKCO have contractual obligations to ensure performance of these machines is at the highest level.  Therefore, PAKCO need to be able to verify that the customer is using and maintaining the machinery correctly.

This verification is especially important when operator-error could be the cause of poor machinery performance, resulting in compensation to the customer and a reduction in margins.

Idhammar OEE levelling the playing field

So, how to level the playing field and get protection from unsubstantiated claims of non-performance?

Idhammar OEE provides “omnipresence software” that will monitor all machines globally, providing data on the way customers are utilising the filling machines.  This provides PAKCO with evidence to challenge any claims for compensation, and the means to offer accurate support and solutions with visible, unequivocal data.

High cost, high stakes

A PAKCO filling machine is essentially an “off-the-peg” production line, and therefore hugely expensive, with each one costing millions of Euros.  As well as the massive capital investment, the PAKCO customer will also be subject to stringent food safety requirements; food traceability, cleanliness, hygiene, and sterile environment etc.

With such substantial costs, it is natural that PAKCO customers would be keen to maximise productivity from their investment and minimise additional cost.  For example, after installation, the filling machine may stop meeting the specifications for output production.  Customers may therefore request some form of recompense from PAKCO, eating into their margin and generating additional work.

Evidence and protection with Idhammar OEE

PAKCO have installed Idhammar OEE in all new filling machines and are retro fitting existing equipment to provide accurate information to query such claims.  Idhammar OEE gathers evidence and monitors data to demonstrate whether or not the machinery was deployed or maintained in the correct way.

Idhammar OEE provides really useful data for PAKCO in many areas…:

  • throughput rates measured
  • start and end time of product runs
  • all downtime events captured
  • degradation in performance (which is not necessarily a downtime event)
  • Critical Control Points monitored

This levels the playing field in terms of disputes regarding a PAKCO customer’s data & systems: both parties are monitoring the performance of the filling machines.

Global company, local control

Filling machines are manufactured in Germany, and PAKCO are able to monitor every installed machine, wherever they are in the world, from their corporate base.  Idhammar OEE puts a virtual PAKCO employee everywhere a filling machine is installed!

Idhammar OEE is compliant with ISO 9001:2013 and German DIN standards, as well as Weihenstephan Standards, which define communication protocols for food production and packaging machinery.

Industry 4.0 at PAKCO

This is an example of a truly global modern manufacturing project: A Nordic Company with a German production facility, deploying a multinational team of IT specialists, installation engineers and Project Managers.  The global data exchange between PAKCO’s automated filling machines is a perfect example of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), where the boundaries of individual factories will no longer exist.

Global Industry 4.0 and OEE

The basic principle of Industry 4.0 is that by connecting machines, work pieces and systems, businesses are creating intelligent networks along the entire value chain that can control each other autonomously

PAKCO have utilised Idhammar OEE to make sure they are at the cutting edge of modern manufacturing technologies, while ensuring they have evidence from the production machine to quantify any machinery malfunction.

Idhammar OEE enabling Industry 4.0

The Idhammar OEE System provides:

  • powerful data handling (manual and automatic)
  • range of accurate, real-time reporting (dashboards, Andon, alerts)
  • what-if and root cause analysis tools
  • improvement agendas and suggestion schemes
  • quality and energy monitoring

All data is fed simply and easily into the Idhammar OEE System where it is automatically manipulated to enable graphical visualizations, providing the basis for real-time analysis and reporting.

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