Idhammar provides the foundation for Smart Manufacturing for leading oat producer

UK food manufacturers are making progress towards adopting smart manufacturing technologies and realising the benefits of operational excellence software.

A leading UK oat producer, with an ethos committed to quality and improvement has recently implemented Idhammar MMS to enhance maintenance practices, minimise downtime, and make significant cost savings.

The oat producer  had previously relied on a combination of a paper-based system with manual spreadsheets for their maintenance management, but the Engineering Manager, with over 25 years experience in the food industry, recognised that such an approach is inefficient and unreliable.

He had the ultimate vision of implementing both CMMS and OEE systems but, viewing this as a long-term operational improvement project, began with a solid foundation of implementing Idhammar MMS.

Drawn to the simple, straightforward solution Idhammar offers, our customer had objectives beyond the usual CMMS benefits of improved planned maintenance scheduling, improved stock control, and cost savings.  The Engineering Manager also wanted to:

  • improve the visibility and transparency of the maintenance operation
  • minimise time spent analysing data and producing reports
  • ensure inspection and audit compliance, and best health and safety practice

Idhammar MMS was able to fulfil these requirements with the ability to attach manuals and instructions to individual assets so technicians have all relevant safety information, and the Idhammar REPORTS module which delivers consistent, reliable, accurate reports, generated at the push of a button. The ability to schedule reports to be run and delivered automatically was perfect for this busy Maintenance team.

Now this company is gathering key data about work orders, fault logs, breakdowns and using it to make improvements and increase their operational knowledge.  We will report back 6 months after implementation to find out how they are doing on their Manufacturing Data Improvement journey:

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