Miquest Development News

Help desk and Technical Support Expansion

As part of the continuing integration of Miquest with Idhammar Systems and in response to customer feedback, Miquest customers will now benefit from access to the Idhammar UK–based help desk and Help Desk Administrator for day-to-day account support.

Call:                              +44 (0) 117 920 9401
Email:                            help.desk@idhammarsystems.com
Help request form:        https://idhammarsystems.com/help-desk

All Miquest customers must now route queries through the Idhammar help desk.

Help Desk registration means we can provide our customers with the support needed quickly and accurately. This formal reporting and processing of all customer calls is a key element in our ISO 9001 accreditation and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Idhammar is growing both the Miquest Implementation Team to fully meet our customers’ needs, and the Miquest Technical Support Team to improve response time and drive Miquest into a new and exciting era.  Several Miquest product development projects are currently under specification with delivery planned for late 2018 / early 2019.

Online helpdesk function

Miquest customers will have online access to view the current status of any call (available now on request).

Fire Service Update

Earlier this year we successfully installed the latest version of Miquest Mobile at Cambridge Fire and Rescue Service and Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Authority.  This update included Inspections, WOs, bringing planned tasks forward and user password security.

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service also upgraded to Miquest Mobile, after replacing all paper-based standard test cards and defect books with Miquest across 17 stations. They were replaced with standardised tests and defect logging on the secure centralised system, which provides complete traceability for all vehicles, equipment assets and PPE.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service also use Miquest to control, document and maintain PPE deployment use. Miquest is also used to record how many items of PPE each Station should have in relation to the amount of staff.

Miquest by Idhammar Systems is a trusted CMMS used extensively across the emergency services for fleet and critical equipment maintenance. Miquest is proven to speed up repairs processes, demonstrate compliance and reduce lost equipment. The use of Miquest has proved to speed up repairs processes, demonstrate compliance and reduce lost equipment by £30,000 per annum.

Designed to display key performance information, Miquest performs real-time reporting of asset performance, which allows maintenance teams to be actively alerted to issues as they arise. This speeds up repair processes and shortens lead times. Miquest captures all costs, providing visibility and greater control, leading to savings and guided investment.

Miquest mobile and tablet applications are the perfect solution for remote working, both off and online. Miquest Bulk Scanning Facility uses Ultra High Frequency RFID tags to capture the location of multiple assets in a single process.



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