Computerised Maintenance Management Systems Enhancing maintenance practises and making manufacturing manageable

CMMS Asset Management

Using the Idhammar CMMS, the following benefits have been achieved through improved asset management:


  • A safety critical government agency consistently achieved its 24×7 zero downtime target on assets for over 6 years.
  • A leading food manufacturer held maintenance spend constant over 5 years against a 20% rise in RPI.
  • A beverage manufacturer cut outstanding job requirements by 60% within 2 months, reducing lead times and overtime.


An airport reduced overall maintenance costs by 15% in 1 year due to better investment decisions based on accurate asset data.

Asset Register Module


The Asset Register provides unlimited asset hierarchies designed to identify and control all maintainable assets within the organisation. View information and costs of individual or groups of assets in a hierarchy with details including: Unique identifier and Asset type; Target Performance; Supplier & model details; Cost Centre; Owner and Location; Bill of Materials; and Technical Specification.

Work Management Module


Managing maintenance work on a day by day or hour by hour basis by means of printed work orders or by use of PDAs, Idhammar MMS’ Work Management module allows users to set priorities, start and completion dates/times, and allocate resources to balance workloads and group tasks within projects. Identify spare part and external purchase requirements, estimate costs and describe work to be done or already completed.

Planned Maintenance Module


The Planned Maintenance functions allow users to set up standard jobs which may be repeated either on the basis of periodic frequency (days, weeks, months, etc.), by a counter reading (hours run or units produced) or as determined by a planner. Maintenance schedules can be established by Asset Type and optionally linked to all Assets of that Type.

Inspections & Lubrication Module


Idhammar’s CMMS will prompt users to undertake inspections and lubrication rounds as necessary. Inspections can encompass sophisticated condition monitoring techniques such as vibration analysis or oil sampling or they can be simple look, listen, feel checks. Inspection frequency can easily be adjusted in response to changes in the incidence of equipment failure.

Documents & Drawings


The Document Management module includes definitions of all drawings and documents used by the maintenance teams. The Drawing module then identifies which drawings are available with each job and specifies their location (either physical or electronic). Electronic documents (e.g. digital photographs, scanned test certificates, schematics, Word, and Excel files) can then be launched from within the system.

Skills Register


Personal Development Records can be associated with each member of the maintenance team within Idhammar MMS.

This enables users to easily look up members of the team with a specific skill and a valid certificate to perform scheduled maintenance tasks.

Predictive Maintenance


By using the Analysis and Reporting module, unplanned downtime and the associated costs can be avoided.

This module is also used to assist in determining the root-cause for failures and publicising other strategically important information.

The analysis module is further useful for identifying equipment suffering high downtime, repeated failure and high cost.

Why choose Idhammar MMS?

Idhammar MMS is recognised as one of the industry leaders.

The system supports the Director responsible for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Strategies within your organisation and interfaces with a range of corporate systems including MES and ERP (including SAP).

It includes easy integration to financial, time monitoring and CAD systems to improve the professionalism and visibility of the engineering department within the organisation.

Fast ROI

Idhammar MMS supports year-on-year reductions in maintenance costs of between 5% and 15%.

This means that the planned return on investment is typically achieved within six to twelve months of implementation.

If the current maintenance operations within your organisation are predominantly reactive, you can expect an even greater return on your investment.

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