Computerised Maintenance Management Systems Enhancing maintenance practises and making manufacturing manageable

Condition Monitoring

Condition Tracking


The Idhammar MMS Condition Tracker can be used as a standalone module, or fully integrated with your organisation’s Computerised Maintenance Management System

An easy to use, single-point solution, the Condition Tracking module is used to conduct regular condition monitoring and a robust audit of asset condition checks.

The module helps plant engineers to detect faults easily and acts as an early warning system against future issues.

Use this solution to prevent occurrences having a negative impact on production and avert unscheduled outages.

Single Repository for Calibration Data


The Idhammar MMS Condition Tracking module supports the roles of both the maintenance engineers and calibration specialists.

This module is easy to use, provides real-time monitoring data and acts as an integrated data repository of user-defined measurements.

These include:

  • Oil analysis
  • Drive belt tension
  • Operating temperatures and pressures
  • A robust record of all asset calibration checks

Legal, Quality, Environmental and HSE tests


This tool provides quality assessors and calibration specialists with an accurate, ongoing record of all asset checks and verification that each asset has passed all relevant legal, quality, environmental and safety tests.

The Condition Tracker module enhances compliance processes within your organisation and helps to save time preparing for quality audits by providing all calibration data, inspection requirements and audit trails.

Condition Export/Import Utility


Condition data can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet, updated and then imported back into the system.

Users within your organisation are also able to export conditions based on a range of selection criteria and then import condition feedback from the Excel spreadsheet.

Why choose Idhammar MMS?

Idhammar MMS is recognised as one of the industry leaders.

The system supports the Director responsible for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Strategies within your organisation and interfaces with a range of corporate systems including MES and ERP (including SAP).

It includes easy integration to financial, time monitoring and CAD systems to improve the professionalism and visibility of the engineering department within the organisation.

Fast ROI

Idhammar MMS supports year-on-year reductions in maintenance costs of between 5% and 15%.

This means that the planned return on investment is typically achieved within six to twelve months of implementation.

If the current maintenance operations within your organisation are predominantly reactive, you can expect an even greater return on your investment.

Speak to us about CMMS

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