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Idhammar’s CMMS and OEE Systems serve as catalysts for change affecting numerous functions across the organisation. Idhammar’s complementary Consultancy services are designed to assist our customers in managing this change and achieve maximum benefit by enhancing  stake-holder buy-in, shop-floor engagement and senior level commitment. Working alongside our Corporate Partners, Idhammar Systems’ in-house experts deliver leading consultancy on a range of topics.

Lean Manufacturing and OEE


Lean Manufacturing proponents all agree that how OEE data is used to discover, drive, and measure improvements, is more important than the score.  Idhammar Systems’ Consultants recommend an ‘OEE Amnesty’ during OEE Systems implementation and suggest that the score should not be used to penalise or reward staff either as it can result in data manipulation.  Our Consultants are experts in OEE theory and in best practice application in Lean Manufacturing environments.

Lean TPM Programme


Developing strategies for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) as a step beyond Lean Maintenance and Manufacturing is imperative for some organisations as they look to reduce all forms of ‘waste’ in the process.  The ability to measure the effectiveness of TPM initiatives activities, and quantify the business benefit (time/money) of step change improvements is vital. TPM IT is thus integral to these initiatives and Idhammar Systems’ Consultants are experts in Lean TPM best practices.

Continuous Improvement Programmes


A well implemented Continuous Improvement (CI) programme is evident on the balance sheet through improved material utilisation, reduced labour variance (straight and overtime reductions), reduced scrap costs, reduced rework costs, and other burden account reductions.  Idhammar Systems’ Consultants help organisations use CMMS and OEE tools in collaboration with an ongoing problem solving strategy and CI programme to result in performance improvement.

Energy Management


Most manufacturers have already implemented a wide-range of energy related programmes with varying degrees of success including: switch-off campaigns; intelligent production scheduling at a lower time-tariff; installing new energy-efficient equipment or enhancing maintenance to reduce leaks. Idhammar Systems’ Consultants are experts in helping clients win an even bigger prize by operating the factory as effectively as possible to maximise energy-efficiency as breakdowns, multiple inefficient start-ups, slow-running equipment, rejects and under-utilised capacity all have a major impact on energy consumption.

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