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Idhammar Systems provides hardware devices to match user requirements and technical specifications of any scale. To ensure Idhammar’s software works effectively in your organisation, we’ll specify, procure, install, configure, commission and support the necessary hardware required for your MMS or OEE installation.

Idhammar Systems has delivered successful projects requiring a wide range of hardware and networking capability including:


  • Wireless and hard-wired networks
  • Pagers and GPS phones
  • Touch Screen data capture units
  • PLC / PC connectivity
  • Pocket PC and Palm O/S hand held devices
  • Bar code readers & printers
  • IBM and MS Servers


All physical installations are undertaken by skilled professionals and full turnkey implementations remove any risk of hardware / network / software incompatibility.


For advice and technical information on the hardware that Idhammar Systems provides and supports, contact us today.


Established thought leaders, the Idhammar Systems teams comprise specialist Software Development and Engineering experts that are continuously improving maintenance and manufacturing industrial operations with advanced system solutions.

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With the Idhammar OEE, CMMS and WCM Systems, you can be confident you’ve chosen the right solutions to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business; but it doesn’t stop there.