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Idhammar Systems professional Implementation Service ensures systems are installed with minimal disruption to your operation.

Planning & Project Management


Training, hardware and software requirements, configurations, internal and external resources, time scales and project ownership are all examined during the Planning phase. A Dedicated Project Management team then works with your company to deliver on time, and to budget.

Technical installation and configuration


With the plan in place, the Idhammar Systems’ technical team can set about implementing your systems for maximum efficiency. All external systems integration requirements are fulfilled during installation and configuration. Data capture, migration and cleansing are also expertly undertaken to support data integrity and minimal manual input.

Data Cleansing and Database Realignment


If your databases are full of data that seems of little or no use, then the Idhammar Systems team has the operations knowledge and technical skills in data extraction and report writing, to produce useful “Information from Data”. Idhammar also offers a number of remote services, including system management, which helps ensure information is used to drive your improvement programmes.

Training and Assistance


Training is provided during system implementation phase, and as the system is easy to navigate and user friendly, trainees will often be able to pass on much of what they learn to colleagues. Training is tailored for IT administrators, Management users and Operators to ensure they can use the system effectively to drive business benefit. Training may be performed on-site, or off-site by Idhammar implementation and technical specialists.

Post Implementation Review


All implementation projects are subject to a Post Implementation Review with the whole project team to ensure that Idhammar Systems has done everything we can to help so that you will achieve returns on investment that exceed your expectations. At this stage, process improvement and better system use opportunities are documented for consideration and planning.

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