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Integration between systems will save you time, protect your data and lead to more accurate reporting. Our enterprise level integration consultancy enables information from disparate systems to be collated and managed throughout the company and we have over twenty years of system integration experience. Our Systems Development Team consists of skilled developers experienced on multiple platforms – Windows NT and Windows 95/98/2000. ISO9001:2008 procedures are followed to ensure quality software and services are provided.

Standard System Integration


The Idhammar CMMS and OEE System has been successfully integrated with a range of other systems including ERP, Financial, Time Recording, SCADA and more. Our application integration consultants can provide you with the expertise to design, build and implement interfaces to complement your other applications.

Bespoke Software Development


If you require a system for which there is no package available or suitable, then our skilled Systems Analysts and Developers can work with you to design, build and implement the system of your choice.

Integrated CMMS and OEE Systems


Idhammar’s integrated CMMS & OEE System shares a database, enabling asset details to be available via the OEE System. The solution is designed to improve communications to and from Maintenance Engineers so that OEE Stoppage Events and Improvement Agenda plans are automatically linked and with Work Orders in the CMMS, with Status Alerts and Prioritisation Flags visible in the OEE System. OEE Alerts can also be directed to CMMS users, and vice versa.

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With the Idhammar OEE, CMMS and WCM Systems, you can be confident you’ve chosen the right solutions to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business; but it doesn’t stop there.