Taking control of domestic energy consumption is a simple process. Small meters, often provided by energy companies, can be linked wirelessly to small screens displaying household cost, kilowatt hour or CO2 usage. The meters give you an insight into which appliances tend to consume the most energy. But how can this concept be expanded to the factory floor?

Imagine being ahead of the game and being able to achieve the ideal balance of productivity, efficiency and economy required for world-class lean maintenance. Here are just 10 reasons to implement a CMMS and transform your factory:

OEE Scores across IndustryBenchmarking is the method that we all tend to use when looking to gauge our progress, or measure the standard we have achieved in whatever it is we are doing. It hardly surprising therefore that companies that use OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) software, should also look to this method of monitoring.

OEE MythsIn the tough economic climate that still prevails in the manufacturing arena, all forward looking companies are examining ways of cutting costs without cutting output. Making efficiencies in the production cycle is the key, and this is where Idhammar’s specialised OEE software  can be of significant benefit.

Whilst OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) software has already helped many companies to deliver excellent savings, there are still many sceptics who throw up a barrage of objections in an effort to forestall implementing an OEE system,  such objections are not only ill founded, but are quite frankly, misleading.

OEE Report

OEE reports are the cornerstone of effective Overall Equipment Effectiveness; a subject that is very topical in the manufacturing arena right now given the tough economic climate that most businesses are operating within. As competition grows, the pressure is on to find innovative ways of cutting costs without downsizing, or lowering production output. OEE is the key!