Overall Equipment Effectiveness Delivering and making bottom-line savings by using OEE

OEE Data Capture

Shop Floor Data Capture


Operators within your manufacturing team spend a significant proportion of every shift capturing and inputting data.

The Idhammar OEE Line Data Portal is specifically designed to enable operators to capture the right data, quickly and accurately. These include areas such as stoppages and exact timings of production start-up and breakdowns.

This information can then be compared and analysed and your improvement opportunities prioritised to increase your overall production and productivity.

Manual Line Data Portal (LDP)


Designed with touch-screen capability, the Idhammar OEE Manual LDP gives operators a simple, fast and easy-to-use way to enter data.

As well as product counts, waste and stoppage events can be captured as these occur on the line.

This also provides your business with a practical way-forward if you are looking to migrate to a more automated system, but you are unable to do this immediately due to budget or other planning constraints.

The Idhammar OEE Manual LDP forms part of the Idhammar OEE Line Data Portal suite.

Automatic Line Data Portal (LDP)


240 x 15 second stops equate to one hour of lost production in a typical eight-hour shift.

These stops are easy to miss if not systematically captured and recorded.

Through use of the Idhammar OEE Automatic LDP, your operators, supervisors and management teams can have role-based access to accurate, line-of-sight data on production or process issues in real-time.

In addition to significant environmental savings through less paper usage, shop floor data captured via the automatic LDP can be linked to data from external event generators such as SCADA and PLCs.

This data can then be analysed to identify any underlying issues that should be addressed as a priority.

Improve OEE

OEE = Availability x Performance x Quality


Small OEE improvements can lead to sizeable improvements to your manufacturing operation’s bottom line.


The Idhammar OEE System uses gap analyses to compare your plant’s current OEE percentage with your operational target score.


This enables your team to identify opportunities to improve production.

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