Overall Equipment Effectiveness Delivering and making bottom-line savings by using OEE

OEE Monitoring

Productivity Monitor – identifying opportunities for labour recovery


Productivity improvements support cost reduction across your organisation.

Through the Idhammar System Productivity Monitor, you can capture labour costs on a granular level – per asset, per shift, product or work order.

This enables your management teams to compare the actual labour used within a specific process with the current team size to calculate and compare the labour cost per product.

Rates of labour for different skill levels can be set to give an accurate Overall Labour Effectiveness score.

This can be measured before and during any production run and adjusted as needed against your specific targets or customer requirements.

Quality Monitor – improving batch traceability


Eliminating waste in industries like food, drink and pharma is an essential aspect of bottom line improvements.

The Idhammar OEE Quality Monitor is set to alert designated management teams within your organisation to issues with sub-standard production, helping to minimise waste and provide quality assurance and customer or regulatory audit information.

This function is configurable to monitor any Content, Parameter or Frequency as required.

Tasks are automatically added according to user-defined inspection schedules and real-time results can be recorded via an easy-to-use touchscreen.

Results are logged automatically and any variations or exceptions to the pre-defined quality thresholds are instantly reported.

Energy Monitor – reducing your carbon footprint


Improved OEE typically correlates with improved energy efficiency and consumption.

The Energy Monitor module within Idhammar OEE gives real-time intelligence on:

  • Water and energy consumption trends by site, area, line and costs
  • Water and energy comparisons per unit produced
  • Highest consumption assets by meter type
  • Consumption against time

Keeping teams motivated


Effective production and productivity improvements require that each team and team member work towards common goals.

By capturing and tracking details about shift performance, line operators, supervisors and management teams, your business can keep production on track.

Additionally, your teams can respond appropriately to any planned or unplanned maintenance, production increases or manufacturing improvement projects.

Idhammar OEE uses graphical and intuitive user interfaces to monitor a range of key metrics in user-friendly formats.

These are visible across group level, division, site, line, and key asset.

Improve OEE

OEE = Availability x Performance x Quality


Small OEE improvements can lead to sizeable improvements to your manufacturing operation’s bottom line.


The Idhammar OEE System uses gap analyses to compare your plant’s current OEE percentage with your operational target score.


This enables your team to identify opportunities to improve production.

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