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Stock Control and Purchasing

Stock Control and Purchasing


Using Idhammar MMS, your organisation can achieve a significant reduction in inventory valuation.

Better inventory management eliminates stock outs (with automatic re-ordering) and minimises disruption and downtime with less time required at the stores counter.

Idhammar MMS also provides real time, online stock management, helping engineers within your organisation avoid multiple journeys to check, book or obtain parts or components.

Stock Control Module


The Idhammar MMS Stock Control Module provides a tailored view on spares and stock or inventory management.

The module lists all materials either held in stock or identified as being part of a non-stock catalogue.

Stock transactions (reservations, withdrawals, returns, balance adjustments, scrappings, back-orders, relocations, etc.) are recorded, and if required can automatically generate replenishment.

Stock checking is undertaken using either printed reports or hand-held barcode readers.

Purchasing Module


Requisitions, purchase orders, deliveries, returns, invoices and credits are all managed in the Idhammar MMS Purchasing Module.

Your organisation can apply user restrictions within the system to allow only authorised users to complete each step in the purchasing cycle.

Purchase order formats can be adjusted locally to meet individual customer demands and either printed or emailed.

Why choose Idhammar MMS?

Idhammar MMS is recognised as one of the industry leaders.

The system supports the Director responsible for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Strategies within your organisation and interfaces with a range of corporate systems including MES and ERP (including SAP).

It includes easy integration to financial, time monitoring and CAD systems to improve the professionalism and visibility of the engineering department within the organisation.

Fast ROI

Idhammar MMS supports year-on-year reductions in maintenance costs of between 5% and 15%.

This means that the planned return on investment is typically achieved within six to twelve months of implementation.

If the current maintenance operations within your organisation are predominantly reactive, you can expect an even greater return on your investment.

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