Manufacturers are measuring OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in ever greater numbers to lower their base manufacturing costs, improve their ROI (Return on Investment), and beef up their bottom line. If you've not yet investigated the potential of OEE and what it can offer, then it’s probably time you learned what all the fuss is about.

OEE MythsIn the tough economic climate that still prevails in the manufacturing arena, all forward looking companies are examining ways of cutting costs without cutting output. Making efficiencies in the production cycle is the key, and this is where Idhammar’s specialised OEE software  can be of significant benefit.

Whilst OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) software has already helped many companies to deliver excellent savings, there are still many sceptics who throw up a barrage of objections in an effort to forestall implementing an OEE system,  such objections are not only ill founded, but are quite frankly, misleading.