Lean GlossaryEmbarking on a lean journey bodes well for the future success of your manufacturing operation, although it can feel like entering a minefield of terminology. You’ll soon discover that a little advice can go a long way.

Smith&NephewThe power of OEE improves competitiveness in any manufacturing business, creating a better ROI and producing increased profitability. Idhammar Systems, one of the UK and Europe’s top OEE service providers has already helped numerous manufacturing companies to substantially lower their operating costs and significantly improve productivity. This is no empty claim. It is backed up by many successful projects. Take Smith and Nephew, for example.

OEE 5Here are 5 things you need to know about OEE systems; how they can help your business to cut costs and become more efficient. Controlling your costs has never been more relevant than it is today. With costs escalating daily, competition has never been tougher. But you can gain a valuable edge over your business rivals by using OEE to discover your hidden factory – realising the full potential of your existing plant.