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Training Services

Idhammar Systems has a comprehensive training programme, delivered by specialists, to ensure users are maximising the potential of our solutions and driving maximum benefit to our customers. Training can be delivered onsite, or users can visit our UK Headquarters for sessions in our training suite. In addition to our standard systems training we will develop tailor-made courses on site to suit your needs.

Advanced Systems Training


System Familiarisation Training, System Administrator Training and Advanced Technical Training are workshops designed to help IT administrators and Systems Sponsors to understand the full functionality of our CMMS and OEE systems and the most effective technical environments needed to support their use.

Advanced Maintenance Training


Work Order Management Training, Plant Structure and Document Management Training, and Planned and Predictive Maintenance Management Training are workshops designed for CMMS users that have ambitious Maintenance Budget reduction targets or are facing Client Audits and need help with compliance.

Data Cleansing and Database Realignment


If your databases are full of data that seems of little or no use, then the Idhammar Systems team has the operations knowledge and technical skills in data extraction and report writing, to produce useful “Information from Data”. Idhammar also offers a number of remote services, including system management, which helps ensure information is used to drive your improvement programmes.

Stock & Purchasing Training


General Stock & Purchase Management, Advanced Purchasing, and Advanced Stock Management are workshops designed to assist customers with ambitious inventory reduction plans.

Report Writing Training


Idhammar’s CMMS and OEE Systems come with a full suite of automated reports. However customers looking for customization benefit from Basic Queries and Report Writing Training and Advanced Report Writing Training workshops.

CI & Quality Monitoring Training


Continuous Improvement and Quality Monitoring workshops are ideal for CI and QA teams that are looking to benefit from the full functionality of the Improvement Agenda and Quality Monitoring modules.

Refresher Training


When new users are introduced to an Idhammar System after the implementation project has been completed, trained users will be able to pass on much of what they have learnt to them. However, by logging on for remote ‘refresher’ training for 1-2 hours, both new and existing users are provided with answers to all their questions enabling them to use the system to better effect.

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